Earn money by sharing Gloat

Gloat's Referral programme lets you earn 15% commission by referring new customers.

Gloat Referral Programme

The Gloat Referral programme rewards you for sharing Gloat with others.

Referral rewards

Earn 15% commission from each referred customer's purchases.

This includes monthly or annual purchases of Gloat hosting (you will get commission for all renewal payments, too!), as well as the one-off installation and update products.

For example, you will earn ~$28 for every new yearly Gloat host customer you refer, and ~$28 for every subsequent year they are a Gloat customer.

Who can be part of the Referral programme?


Every Gloat customer automatically gets added to Gloat's affiliate system, powered by Gumroad.

Just note that you need to have a Gumroad account, so that Gumroad can pay you.

If you are not a Gloat customer, simply email dan@gloathost.com to get set up in the system.


Gumroad make payouts on Fridays, for the week prior. More details

When you tell someone about Gloat, simply give them your referral URL. When they click on the link, any Gloat purchase they make will be counted as your referral.

You can share your code on social media, over email or in person.