Gloat hosting vs. Ghost(Pro)

Ghost(Pro) isn't the only way to get a Ghost site.
Gloat offers affordable and unlimited hosting to help you get online. Find out which option suits you best.

Understand the basics

Ghost is a blogging platform. It is free open-source software, meaning that anyone can download and run the code for free.

Ghost(Pro) is The Ghost Foundation’s own hosting offering. It runs on a hosting platform called DigitalOcean with prices starting at $9/month.

What is Gloat?

Gloat is a service offering hosting for Ghost sites. Sign up and you'll get a site created and put online. Use your own domain, and get unlimited page views, subscribers and email newsletters.

Gloat exists to make Ghost more approachable and affordable.


Feature Ghost(Pro) Starter Ghost(Pro) Creator Gloat
Managed hosting
Monthly cost (paying yearly) $15 $25 $15.75
Members/Subscribers Up to 1,000 Unlimited but price increases at 3,000 Unlimited
Newsletters 1 Up to 3 Unlimited
Staff users 1 Up to 2 Unlimited
Newsletter emails Unlimited Unlimited Up to 20,000/month *
In-built CDN **
Custom domain
Custom themes
Custom integrations
File size limits 5MB 10MB 20MB***
Subdirectory installation ****
Daily backups No information No information
Weekly Ghost updates

* If you use Ghost's in-built newsletter feature.

** A CDN is "nice-to-have" feature for a small blog and is not included in Gloat's offering. You can set up a free CDN reasonably easily for your site using CloudFlare.

*** On request.

**** This requires some configuration on your server.