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How to restart your Ghost site on Digital Ocean

Log in to your server and run three quick commands.

· Dan Rowden

You may see a 502 or 504 error on your Ghost site.

To fix this, you need to restart Ghost.

You can log in to your server from within Digital Ocean. Select the droplet and then click on “Console” on the right.

If you have never done this before, you may need to reset the `root` user password. You can do this from the droplet's Access tab.

Once you have your root user password, open the Console and type in root, press Enter and then type or paste in your password.

Then you need to run three commands to restart Ghost:

sudo -i -u ghost-mgr

cd /var/www/ghost

ghost restart

You will see a print out of Ghost attempting to start your site and a success message if it's successful.