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Show your member-only post count in a Ghost theme

Easily show how many posts new members will have access to when they sign up.

· Dan Rowden

If you are offering member-only content in your Ghost site, you may want to show how many member-only posts there are, to prompt readers to sign up.

This is easy with a quick template tag.

{{#get "posts" filter="visibility:members,visibility:paid" limit="all"}}
    <p>Become a member to support {{@site.title}} and get access to {{posts.length}} member-only posts.</p>

This piece of code queries all posts with with Post access marked as Members only or Paid-members only and shows the total number with {{posts.length}}.

To query only paid posts, change the filter to filter="visibility:paid".

Make sure your sentence is wrapped by the {{#get}}...{{/get}} tags.